How to eliminate heavy metals and chemical toxins using sauna therapy Part 3

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Lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum are just a few of the chemical toxins that can cause severe health disorders. We can also include here chloroform, benzene, dichlorobenzene, xylene, DDT, toluene and formaldehyde.

Usually, uninformed and ignorant people believe that it is impossible to avoid chemical toxins contamination or to get rid off them if they get into our bodies. But those people who have experienced the powerful benefits that far infrared saunas provide, know that we can detoxify our body.

Health researchers agree that the most effective way to eliminate toxins from our bodies is through perspiration and far infrared saunas can help us sweat very heavily. Another advantage that far infrared sauna provides is that the perspiration it causes contains more toxins and less water while perspiration produced by traditional Finnish sauna is composed of about 97 percent water and three percent toxins. Not to mention the fact that the temperatures inside far infrared saunas are more tolerable than those inside traditional Finnish types. A 15 minutes sauna bath can eliminate as many toxins as our kidney would eliminate in 24 hours.

The excessive usage of lotions, soaps and deodorants can stop us sweat as much as we should and get rid of these dangerous chemicals in our bodies, but owning a far infrared sauna can help us solve this problem. So, think very seriously about achieving your own far infrared sauna in order to improve your health and stay away from the doctor for a long period of time.

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