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Cadmium is also a toxic heavy metal that can severely damage our health. It can be found in the water, soil, food, air, batteries and industrial paints and solder. But the highest level of cadmium can be found in the cigarette smoke. Cadmium exposure can make our bones more fragile and raise fracture risk and can cause slow growth, zinc deficiency, kidney stones, decreased appetite and sore joints.
If we breathe contaminated air, we drink water or eat food that has high levels of cadmium we can cause severe damage to our lungs, stomach and we can even die.

Inorganic arsenic is also included in the list of harmful toxic chemicals that can affect our health in a negative way. It can be found in the air, food, water and soil.

If inorganic arsenic is inhaled, it can cause lung cancer; many studies have proven that people who work in smelters, mines and arsenical chemical factories or in the area where these are placed, are very susceptible to develop lung cancer.

People are also exposed to aluminum compounds which can cause anemia, headaches, speech disturbance, memory loss, extreme anxiety, decreased liver and kidney function and even Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum compounds are mostly present in certain medicinal products, such as laxatives and antacids, and deodorants. People who have kidney problems store a large amount of aluminum in their bodies; they can even develop brain or bone diseases due to a high aluminum accumulation. Children who take medicines that contain aluminum can develop bone problems because the presence of this toxic chemical in their stomachs prevents the absorption of phosphate.

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