Heavy Metal Detoxification in Autism Part 3

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Removing Heavy Metals Without Chelation:
While many Defeat Autism Now! physicians use chelating agents, we have concluded that chelation should be reserved as the last step to be used only when other less invasive, less costly, and potentially more effective approaches have failed. In our medical practice, we have found that the first step in the treatment of heavy metals should involve assessing the methylation cycle with blood/urine testing. We can then intelligently design the right nutritional program to support the methylation cycle and thereby address the first block impeding the body from excreting the heavy metals. The next step is identifying and treating the underlying chronic viral and bacterial infections.

Current studies show that as many as one in five children with autism may have a concurrent chronic lyme infection. An even higher percentage has chronic viral infections. It is essential that these infections be addressed next. There is emerging evidence that that both of these infections independently can lock the heavy metals in the body. In doing fecal/urine testing before and after these steps, we have found that many children begin spontaneously to excrete heavy metals without resorting to chelation. What are most impressive to us are the large amounts of metals we find the body excreting many times for up to 6-12 months. The most gratifying part is the improvements we see as the child goes through this process.

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