Heavy Metal Detoxification in Autism Part 2

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What Causes Autism:

Putting two and two together, we can now begin to postulate why some of these kids develop autism. A child born with these SNPs in their methylation cycle will naturally accumulate heavy metals more rapidly. Administer a live virus vaccine like MMR, and the measles in the vaccine takes hold in places like the brain and gut as the body is unable to mount an effective immune response due to hypomethylation. In addition, we are increasingly seeing an autoimmune component to autism spectrum disorders. Autoimmunity in the medical research literature has been linked to heavy metals like mercury.

The virus then causes inflammation in the gut, resulting in multiple food sensitivities, diarrhea and other GI symptoms. The virus in the brain causes inflammation and reduced blood flow resulting in abnormal behavior, speech delay and other cognitive symptoms. Furthermore, the metals as they accumulate are known to further suppress some of the key enzymes in the methylation cycle. Thus, heavy metals accumulate at an even faster rate.

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