If Toxins and Heavy Metals Cause Autism, Why Doesn’t Everyone Have It?

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November 2, 2011

Heavy metals are natural metallic elements – mercury, lead, zinc, copper, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, tin uranium, barium, bismuth, and platinum. Some of these metals, like zinc and copper, are required in trace amounts by our bodies for optimum health. However, other heavy metals that have been found in our bodies serve no purpose once in our bodies, and they’re actually toxic to our systems. On their own, our bodies cannot completely eliminate toxins once they’ve been introduced, so they continue to accumulate with repeated exposure. Heavy metals are all around in our environment – in our air, soil, water supply, food, cosmetics, products we use on a daily basis, factory and auto emissions, medicine, fuel and personal care products, not to mention in the vaccines that can be introduced into our systems on a systematically scheduled basis.

Children absorb toxins much quicker than adults. They are also more susceptible to the effects that heavy metals can leave in their systems, which can possibly lead to neurological and psychological disorders. Symptoms of toxicity can include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, memory problems, seizures, coma, irreversible brain damage and cardiovascular problems. And what’s worse is, the more of the metals in the body, the more damage can occur; high concentrations can even eventually cause death. Because there are so many toxins in the environment, everyone has at least some trace amounts in their system. Studies have revealed that individuals who live in polluted or industrial areas may have a higher concentration of heavy metals than those living in non-polluted areas. But if this is true, why isn’t everyone ill from the effects of these heavy metals in our bodies?

We all don’t become notably ill from heavy metal toxicity because all humans do not process every contaminate in the same manner; some of us experience compromised immune systems while others go on to experience good health. The degree to which people are affected by toxic heavy metal exposure will depend on their body’s immune system and their ability to process these heavy metal toxins.

Heavy metals have been linked to diseases and disorders like autism, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, cataracts, HIV infection, respiratory infection, Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary fibrosis, to name a few. And studies have shown that heavy metals in the system of a mother can be transmitted to a fetus. When this happens, exposure then to environmental factors can lead to an accumulation of toxic heavy metals within a fetus’ system. Later on in life, if the child’s body does not produce enough antioxidants to detoxify the metals, this exposure can result in health disorders, such as autism.

People with autism are often deficient in a protein that’s naturally produced by the human body – glutathione; a powerful antioxidant that helps the body detoxify toxic heavy metals. Without glutathione, heavy metals have no natural way eliminate from the human body.
So what does glutathione have to do with autism and the levels of heavy metals in the system of someone on the autism spectrum? Research has shown time and time again that autistic children most often have an excessive level of heavy metals in their bodies, especially mercury.

Studies show MaxGXL – a top-selling glutathione supplement – increases glutathione levels in individuals on the autism spectrum as it reduces levels of other toxic, heavy metals within the human body. In these studies, caregivers of individuals with autism also noticed a reduction in many problematic behaviors associated with autism.

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