Anti-Radiation Detox Diet to Protect From Nuclear Disasters Part 1

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Basically, an anti-radiation diet should focus on the following foods:

* Miso soup
* Spirulina, chlorella and the algaes (kelp, etc.)
* Brassica vegetables and high beta carotene vegetables
* Beans and lentils
* Potassium, calcium and mineral rich foods
* High nucleotide content foods to assist in cellular repair including spirulina, chlorella, algae, yeast, sardines, liver, anchovies and mackerel
* Cod liver oil and olive oil
* Avoid sugars and sweets and wheat
* A good multivitamin/multimineral supplement

Yet another benefit of the sea vegetables rarely discussed is their high mineral content, which is a bonus in the case of radioactive exposure. Consuming natural iodine, such as in the seaweeds, helps prevent the uptake of iodine-131 while iron inhibits the absorption of plutonium-238 and plutonium-239. Vitamin B-12 inhibits cobalt-60 uptake (used in nuclear medicine), zinc inhibits zinc-65 uptake and sulfur is preventative for sulfur-35 (a product of nuclear reactors) incorporation by the body.

Since nuclear workers are potentially exposed to radioactive sulfur, this means that workers in the atomic power industry need a higher content of sulfur in their diet. MSM supplements provide a source of dietary sulfur, but thiol supplements such as cysteine, lipoic acid and glutathione serve double-duty in this area because they help detoxify the body and attack all sorts of other health problems as well.

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