Heavy Metal Detoxification in Autism Part 1

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Heavy Metals and Autism:

The issue of heavy metals as a major contributing factor in the development of autism is a hotly debated issue. There are research papers published to support both viewpoints. However, most “”Defeat Autism Now”” doctors and parents of autistic children will overwhelmingly report improvements in these kids when their load of heavy metals is reduced. The Autism Research Institute (ARI) conducted a survey among parents of children with autism. Out of 324 respondents, 76% reported improvements in the children when their heavy metal burden was reduced.

More recently, increasing evidence is emerging to support this data. Medical research is showing that children affected with autism commonly have genetic variations (called single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) involving the methylation cycle. This cycle produces methyl groups, which are needed by the body to perform a number of functions.

Methyl groups allow the body to excrete heavy metals, fight viral infections, regulate certain neurotransmitters, and prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer among others. These SNPs allow heavy metals to accumulate in the body. They also allow chronic viruses to take hold in the gut and brain of autistic children resulting in inflammation, bowel disturbances and cognitive deficits.

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